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Amlin Final 2011 - II

Second set of images from the final in Cardiff

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The celebrations continue


Charley Bear at Cardiff


James Johnston carries the ball


Maurie Fa'asavalu runs with the ball

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Maurie Fa'asavalu runs the ball


Gareth Adamson at Cardiff


Gareth Adamson at Cardiff


James Johnston fends off a Stade player

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James Johnston is brought down by Stade's Sergio Parisse


Mike Brown on the attack


Mike Brown continues forward


Danny Care carries the ball with George Lowe in support

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George Lowe makes off with the ball


George Lowe


Ollie Kohn takes the ball forward


Ollie Kohn on the rampage

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Chris Robshaw


Jordan Turner-Hall


Stade attempt to subdue Maurie Fa'asavalu


Chris Robshaw pushes forward

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The Stade ball-carrier is brought to ground by Gonzalo Camacho


George Lowe fends off a Stade player


James Johnston charges forward


Will Skinner attempts to charge down a Stade kick

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Jordan Turner-Hall prepares to evade a Stade player


Gonzalo Camacho scores the match-winning try


Gonzalo Camacho scores the match-winning try


Nick Evans kicks the conversion to win the match

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Conor O'Shea reflects on Quins' victory


Nick Evans: no worries!


Nick Evans - man of the match


Nick Evans and Will Skinner celebrate

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Chris Robshaw hoists the trophy aloft


Harlequins celebrate


Harlequins celebrate


Chris Robshaw: victorious captain

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Harlequins celebrate


Chris Robshaw


Harlequins open the bubbly


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